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So... you wasted your skillpoints on the wrong thing and you don't know how to reset it well here's a way.
This hack works i tested it myself get the files that i uploaded for ya.. To use it go to the place where you installed rose go to 3ddata map make a map called event and place my files. Then start rose up and go to person in Zant who resets your stat in zant and talk wit him and then pay 1k zuly and there you go you resetted your skills.
*I did'nt invent this method i got it from a friend*
**If you found this usefull thank me then**
EDIT: It seems that its patched but you can still try if it works and if you wanna go to the traininggrounds just remove the event map then you should be able to go.

File Type: rar EVENT.rar

If you have and game
hacks bots ect.. plz give
them to me to add.
For All you Private server

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