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Msn Explosion
This program will change your nickname and your status from online to offline so fast that your contacts are going to hate you, i wouldnt like to be one of them.

Msn Block Checker
A great program which lets you see who has blocked you on Msn Messenger. If the servers are down then you can input your own to ensure the program is working.

Display picture manager
Allows you to change your Display Picture every so often at a given interval, It is like playing a slideshow for your contacts. Choose up to 20 images in the show.

IceCold can be used to Freeze an MSN Passport Account.
Can disallow a person from accessing his hotmail mailbox, msn messenger etc..
Please use IceCold ReLoaded for the purpose..
this version has been posted here only for historical purposes.

Add fake plugins/application names to your MSN Messenger to
have some fun with your MSN Buddies...

Msnpassfinder v1.0
Finds the MSN Messenger Password stored on your computer.
Works only in cases where the current-user has chosen to
remember the pass in MSN Messenger.Works with MSN Messenger
6.x, 7.x .. Tested on Win2K, WinXP. Njoi!!

Nudge Madness:
Simple but cool nudge flooder by Prinz enter the email of your poor best friend and choose how many times to shake their screen without the time limitation

Download at own risk i did not make all and haved not tested all of them.

If you have and game
hacks bots ect.. plz give
them to me to add.
For All you Private server

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