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This is a upgraded hack i made for Kalonline Private servers all the information on how to use it is inside Download.

This is just the plan 1H for kal i think every one has it same commands as OneHitHack.

Cooldown:Link fixed
This is magecooldown it will let you cast attacks with no spell cooldown.

Cheat Engine:Upload site has lost this like sorry.
umm yeah i was givein this its for kal but i dont know how to use yet so plz test it for me people.

this is ment to be a training bot or sumthing not sure really so plz check it out for me ^^

Super Hack beta:
This is what most have been waiting for a working trade hack and a LvL hack a bot hack guild hack and all most every hack for kalonline in one but i am not sure if it works on int or real kal it has worked on 10 server i have tryed but i wont say there names so they cant fix there server.i did sum more work on it it mite work on all private servers not please test if not i have to work on it more.

Job Hack:
This i just a plain and simple job hack
by the way this hack does not work on most server anymore it has been fixed i just have it up here for the sake of it



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If you have and game
hacks bots ect.. plz give
them to me to add.
For All you Private server

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